Cover VDE-AR-N 4101 Anwendungsregel:2015-09

VDE-AR-N 4101 Anwendungsregel:2015-09

Technical requirements for meter panels in low-voltage electrical systems

Class/Status: Anwendungsregel, withdrawn
Released: 2015-09
VDE Art. No.: 0090055

This VDE application guide specifies the minimum technical requirements for meter panels in electrical installations with direct measurement and operating currents = 63 A connected to the public low-voltage distribution network, their connection to the main power supply system and their operating and environmental conditions. It applies for consumption systems as well as for generating plants in conjunction with VDE-AR-N 4105.


VDE-AR-N 4100 Anwendungsregel:2019-04

Technical rules for the connection and operation of customer installations to the low voltage network (TAR low voltage)

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