This part of the standard IEC 62282 decribes test messages for small stationary fuel cell power systems of limited electric in- or output power complying the following criteria: Output: electrical rated power up to 10 kW, Output operation category: parallel, network-independet or isolated operation using single phase alternating current or three-phase current output up to 1 000 V or direct current output up to 1 500 V; NOTE: The limitation to 1 000 V AC based on the definition of "low voltage" according to IEC 60050-601:1995, 601-01-26. Operating pressure: maximum operating pressure less than 0,1 MPa (hyperbaric) for the flow rate of the fuel and oxidizer. Fuel: gaseous fuels (natural gas, liquefied gas, propane, butane, hydrogen etc.) or liquid fuels (kerosene, methanol etc.) Oxidizer: air