Cover DIN EN 61643-31 VDE 0675-6-31 Berichtigung 1:2022-12

DIN EN 61643-31 VDE 0675-6-31 Berichtigung 1:2022-12

Low-voltage surge protective devices

Part 31: Requirements and test methods for SPDs for photovoltaic installations

(IEC 61643-31:2018/COR1:2022); German version EN 61643-31:2019/AC:2022-07
Class/Status: Standard, valid
Released: 2022-12
VDE Art. No.: 0600408

This part of IEC 61643 is applicable to Surge Protective Devices (SPDs), intended for surge protection against indirect and direct effects of lightning or other transient overvoltages. These devices are designed to be connected to the DC side of photovoltaic installations rated up to 1 500 V DC.
The document corrects the comparison signs used in Section in Table 8 - Dielectric withstand. The less-than-or-equal sign (=) is replaced by the less-than sign (<) and vice versa.