Cover DIN EN 61587-2 VDE 0687-587-2:2012-06

DIN EN 61587-2 VDE 0687-587-2:2012-06

* German Language Version *

Mechanical structures for electronic equipment – Tests for IEC 60917 and IEC 60297

Part 2: Seismic tests for cabinets and racks

(IEC 61587-2:2011); German version EN 61587-2:2011
Class/Status: Standard, valid
Released: 2012-06
VDE Art. No.: 0687046


This part of IEC 61587 specifies seismic tests for cabinets and racks accommodated with IEC 60917 and 60297 series. It applies, in whole or in part, only to the mechanical structures of cabinets and racks for electronic equipment according to the above cited series of standards, while it does not apply to the electronic equipment or systems deemed to be installed within these mechanical structures. This standard does not apply either to a cabinet or a rack having an anti-seismic isolation structure, either external or internal.