Cover E DIN EN 60825-4 VDE 0837-4:2017-03

E DIN EN 60825-4 VDE 0837-4:2017-03

* German Language Version *

Safety of laser products

Part 4: Laser guards

(IEC 76/548/CDV:2016); German version prEN 60825-4:2016
Class/Status: Draft, valid
Released: 2017-03   Published: 2017-02-10
VDE Art. No.: 1800336
End of objection deadline: 2017-04-10


This part of IEC 60825 specifies the requirements for laser guards, permanent and temporary (for example for service), that enclose the process zone of a laser processing machine, and specifications for proprietary laser guards.
This standard applies to all component parts of a guard including clear (visibly transmitting) screens and viewing windows, panels, laser curtains and walls.
In addition this part of IEC 60825 indicates:
a) how to assess and specify the protective properties of a laser guard; and
b) how to select a laser guard.

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