Cover ISO/IEC 29341-28-1:2017

ISO/IEC 29341-28-1:2017

Information technology - UPnP Device Architecture - Part 28-1: Multiscreen device control protocol - Multiscreen architecture

Ausgabedatum: 2017-09
Edition: 1.0
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ISO/IEC 29341-28-1:2017, Today multi-screen/second-screen solutions are proliferating. However, each is a proprietary vertical for particular vendor(s). Therefore users expectations aren't being met:
- Seamless interoperability across vendors.
- Ability for second screen integrated usages rather than 100s of different apps.
The UPnP Multi-Screen Device Control Protocols (DCPs) provide an open interface to enable this interoperability between devices and applications, i.e. enable time-sensitive and interactive services, including implementation-specific applications, among various display devices.
ISO/IEC 29341-28-1:2017 describes the overall Multi-Screen Architecture, which forms the foundation for the UPnP Multi-Screen Device and Service templates. The Multi-Screen Architecture defines the general interaction between UPnP control points and UPnP devices defined by the UPnP Multi-Screen DCPs.