Cover IEC 60900:2018 RLV

IEC 60900:2018 RLV

Live working - Hand tools for use up to 1 000 V AC and 1 500 V DC

Ausgabedatum: 2018-06
Edition: 4.0
Sprache: EN - englisch
Seitenzahl: 180 VDE-Artnr.: 225744


IEC 60900:2018 RLV contains both the official IEC International Standard and its Redline version. The Redline version is available in English only and provides you with a quick and easy way to compare all the changes between the official IEC Standard and its previous edition.

IEC 60900:2018 is applicable to insulated, insulating and hybrid hand tools used for working live or close to live parts at nominal voltages up to 1 000 V AC and 1 500 V DC. The products designed and manufactured according to this document contribute to the safety of the users provided they are used by skilled persons, in accordance with safe methods of work and the instructions for use (where appropriate). This document has been prepared in accordance with the requirements of IEC 61477 where applicable. The products covered by this document may have an impact on the environment during some or all stages of its life cycle. These impacts can range from slight to significant, be of short term or long-term duration, and occur at the global, regional or local level. This document does not include requirements and test provisions for the manufacturers of the products, or recommendations to the users of the products for environmental improvement. This fourth edition cancels and replaces the third edition, published in 2012. This edition constitutes a technical revision. This edition includes the following significant technical changes with respect to the previous edition:
a) addition of a third category of tools has been added, namely hybrid hand tools;
b) introduction of a new informative Annex A on examples of insulated, insulating and hybrid hand tools.
Key words: Live Working, Insulated, Insulating, Hand Tools
The contents of the corrigendum of January 2019 and May 2020 have been included in this copy.