Cover IEC 60904-1:2020

IEC 60904-1:2020

Photovoltaic devices - Part 1: Measurement of photovoltaic current-voltage characteristics

Ausgabedatum: 2020-09
Edition: 3.0
Sprache: EN-FR - zweisprachig englisch/französisch
Seitenzahl: 67 VDE-Artnr.: 249159


IEC 60904-1:2020 describes procedures for the measurement of current-voltage characteristics (I-V curves) of photovoltaic (PV) devices in natural or simulated sunlight. These procedures are applicable to a single PV solar cell, a sub-assembly of PV solar cells, or a PV module. This document is applicable to non-concentrating PV devices for use in terrestrial environments, with reference to (usually but not exclusively) the global reference spectral irradiance AM1.5 defined in IEC 60904-3.
This third edition cancels and replaces the second edition published in 2006. The main changes with respect to the previous edition are as follows:
- Updated scope to include all conditions.
- Added terms and definitions.
- Reorganised document to avoid unnecessary duplication.
- Added data analysis clause.
- Added informative annexes (area measurement, PV devices with capacitance, dark I-V curves and effect of spatial non-uniformity of irradiance).