Cover IEC TS 62607-6-3:2020

IEC TS 62607-6-3:2020

Nanomanufacturing - Key control characteristics - Part 6-3: Graphene-based material - Domain size: substrate oxidation

Ausgabedatum: 2020-10
Edition: 1.0
Sprache: EN - englisch
Seitenzahl: 22 VDE-Artnr.: 249276


IEC TS 62607:2020 establishes a standardized method to determine the structural key control characteristic
– domain size
for films consisting of graphene grown by chemical vapour deposition (CVD) on copper by
– substrate oxidation.
It provides a fast, facile and reliable method to evaluate graphene domains formed on copper foil or copper film for understanding the effect of the graphene domain size on properties of graphene and enhancing the performance of high speed, flexible, and transparent devices using CVD graphene.
– The domain size determined in accordance with this document will be listed as a key control characteristic in the blank detail specification for graphene IEC 62565-3-1. Domain density is an equivalent measure.
– The domain size as derived by this method is defined as the mean value of size of the domains in the observed area specified by supplier in terms of cm2 or µm2.
– The method is applicable for graphene grown on copper by CVD. The characterization is done on the copper foil before transfer to the final substrate.
– As the method is destructive, the samples cannot be re-launched into the fabrication process.