Cover IEC 60794-4-30:2021

IEC 60794-4-30:2021

Optical fibre cables - Part 4-30: Aerial optical cables along electrical power lines - Family specification for optical phase conductor (OPPC) optical cables

Ausgabedatum: 2021-04
Edition: 1.0
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IEC 60794-4-30:2021 specifies the optical fibre, cable elements, cable construction requirements, main requirements for installation and operating conditions, cable design characteristics and test for OPPC (optical phase conductor), used for carrying current as well as communication and data transmission. The corresponding environmental declaration can be built according to IEC TR 62839-1. The OPPC is a substitute for a conventional phase bare conductor containing optical fibres. Usually, the fibres are embedded loosely in protective buffer tubes. To fulfil mechanical and electrical requirements, an armouring of one or more layers with aluminium, aluminium alloy, and aluminium clad steel, galvanized steel or a mixture of them is helically stranded.