Cover ISO/IEC 26580:2021

ISO/IEC 26580:2021

Software and systems engineering - Methods and tools for the feature-based approach to software and systems product line engineering

Ausgabedatum: 2021-04
Edition: 1.0
Sprache: EN - englisch
Seitenzahl: 51 VDE-Artnr.: 249886


This document is a specialization of the more general reference model for software and systems product line engineering and management described in ISO/IEC 26550. The specialization defined herein addresses a class of methods and tools referred to as feature-based software and systems product line engineering, or feature-based PLE, which has emerged as a proven and repeatable product line engineering and management (PLE) practice supported by commercial tool providers.
This document:
- provides the terms and definitions specific to feature-based PLE;
- defines how feature-based PLE is a specialization within the general ISO/IEC 26550 reference model for product line engineering and management;
- defines a reference model for the overall structure and processes of feature-based PLE and describes how the elements of the reference model fit together;
- defines interrelationships and methods for applying the elements and tools of the product line reference model;
- defines required and supporting tool capabilities.
In this document, products of feature-based PLE include digital work products that support the engineering of a system. Some of the artefacts are actually part of the delivered products, while other artefacts can be non-deliverable, such as physical or digital design models.
The intended audience for this document comprises:
- technology providers who wish to provide automated tool support for the reference model and processes described in this document;
- champions within an organization who wish to introduce feature-based PLE throughout that organization;
- IT staff within a PLE organization who will introduce and maintain the necessary technology to support feature-based PLE;
- practitioner stakeholders who will use the provided technology to practice feature-based PLE;
- technical and business managers who will sponsor and direct the methods necessary to practice feature-based PLE;
- university professors, researchers, corporate trainers, and other educators who will create and share pedagogical materials about feature-based PLE and its benefits.