Cover IEC 60951-3:2022

IEC 60951-3:2022

Nuclear facilities - Instrumentation systems important to safety - Radiation monitoring for accident and post-accident conditions - Part 3: Equipment for continuous high range area gamma monitoring

Ausgabedatum: 2022-11
Edition: 3.0
Sprache: EN-FR - zweisprachig englisch/französisch
Seitenzahl: 35 VDE-Artnr.: 251335


IEC 60951-3:2022 is available as IEC 60951-3:2022 RLV which contains the International Standard and its Redline version, showing all changes of the technical content compared to the previous edition.

IEC 60951-3:2022 provides general guidance on the design principles and performance criteria for equipment for continuous high range area gamma monitoring in nuclear facilities for accident and post-accident conditions. This document categorizes accident conditions into design basis accidents (DBA) and design extension conditions (DEC), including severe accident (SA). The purpose of this document is to lay down general requirements for equipment for continuous high range area gamma monitoring of radiation within the facility during and after accident conditions in nuclear facilities. This document is applicable to installed dose rate meters that are used to monitor high levels of gamma radiation during and after an accident. This third edition cancels and replaces the second edition published in 2009.The main technical changes with regard to the previous edition are as follows:
- Title modified.
- To be consistent with the categorization of the accident condition.
- To update the references to new standards published since the second edition.
- To update the terms and definitions.
This standard is to be read in conjunction with IEC 60951-1.