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IEC 60216-5:2022

Electrical insulating materials - Thermal endurance properties - Part 5: Determination of relative temperature index (RTI) of an insulating material

Ausgabedatum: 2022-11
Edition: 4.0
Sprache: EN-FR - zweisprachig englisch/französisch
Seitenzahl: 58 VDE-Artnr.: 251372


IEC 60216-5:2022 specifies the experimental and calculation procedures to be used for deriving the relative temperature index of a material from experimental data obtained in accordance with the instructions of IEC 60216-1 and IEC 60216-2. The calculation procedures are supplementary to those of IEC 60216-3. Guidance is also given for assessment of thermal ageing after a single fixed time and temperature, without extrapolation. This edition includes the following significant technical changes with respect to the previous edition:

  1. Annex C “Computer program” has been completely reworked;
  2. in 3.1, the terms “ATE” and “RTE” were replaced by “ATI” and “RTI” to emphasize their reference to an electrical insulating material (EIM).
This standard is to be read in conjunction with IEC 60216-1:2013, IEC 60216-2:2005 and IEC 60216-3:2021.