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ISO/IEC 15444-9:2023

Information technology - JPEG 2000 image coding system - Part 9: Interactivity tools, APIs and protocols

Ausgabedatum: 2023-05
Edition: 2.0
Sprache: EN - englisch
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ISO/IEC 15444-9:2023 This Document defines, in an extensible manner, syntaxes and methods for the remote interrogation and optional modification of JPEG 2000 codestreams and files in accordance with their definition in Rec. ITU-T T.800 | ISO/IEC 15444-1 and other members of the Rec. ITU-T T.8xx | ISO/IEC 15444-x family of Recommendations | Standards.
In this document, the defined syntaxes and methods are referred to as the JPEG 2000 Interactive Protocol, 'JPIP', and interactive applications using JPIP are referred to as 'JPIP systems.'
JPIP specifies a protocol consisting of a structured series of interactions between a client and a server by means of which image file metadata, structure and partial or whole image codestreams can be exchanged in a manner that avoids or minimises the communication of information not required by client. This document includes definitions of the semantics and values to be exchanged, and suggests how these can be passed using a variety of existing network transports.
With JPIP, the following tasks can be accomplished in varying, compatible ways:
- the exchange of capabilities;
- the negotiation of capabilities to use in a session;
- the request and transfer of the following elements from a variety of containers, such as JPEG 2000 files, JPEG 2000 codestreams and other container files:
• selective data segments;
• selective and defined structures;
• parts of an image or its related metadata.