Extremely Low-Profile, Wideband Spiral Antenna with Absorbing Material

Konferenz: EuCAP 2009 - 3rd European Conference on Antennas and Propagation
23.03.2009 - 27.03.2009 in Berlin, Germany

Tagungsband: EuCAP 2009

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Nakano, H.; Oyanagi, H.; Yarnauchi, J. (College of Engineering, Hosei University, Koganei, Tokyo, Japan 184-8584)

The radiation efficiency for an Archimedean spiral (ARCS) antenna backed by a cavity is investigated, together with other antenna characteristics, where the antenna height is chosen to be extremely small (0.07 wavelength at the lowest analysis frequency of 3 GHz) in order to realize an extremely low-profile antenna. Deterioration in the axial ratio and input impedance due to the close proximity of the cavity is ameliorated by applying a very thin ring-shaped absorber (0.07 wavelength thickness) to the cavity wall. The radiation efficiency increases with frequency and reaches approximately 100% at the highest analysis frequency of 10 GHz. It is also observed that the radiation efficiency at low frequencies increases as the maximum radius of the ARCS (rmaxSP) is increased; a radiation efficiency of 38% for rmaxsp = 34 mm at 3 GHz increases to 55% for rmaxSP = 66mm.