SEMATECH Mask Program

Konferenz: EMLC 2009 - 25th European Mask and Lithography Conference
12.01.2009 - 15.01.2009 in Dresden, Germany

Tagungsband: EMLC 2009

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Yun, Henry; Rastegar, Abbas; Kearney, Patrick; Orvek, Kevin (SEMATECH, 257 Fuller Road Suite 2200, Albany, NY USA 12203)

Defect free masks are a critical component to enable extreme ultraviolet lithography (EUVL). It is projected EUVL will be inserted for the 22nm hp node with a timeframe of 2012-2013 for leading IC manufacturers. To meet the goal of defect free masks, a concerted effort is required with emphasis on mask blank development and mask infrastructure readiness. With this in mind, SEMATECH mask program has been uniquely positioned to make important contributions to these areas. Together with several partners, an overall strategy has been defined focused on meeting EUVL mask requirements including setting mask standards and enabling the mask-making infrastructure. This paper will highlight the overview of key projects and accomplishments from the mask blank development program. It is critical that SEMATECH and its partners be ready to meet the overall pilot line defect density requirement of 0.04 defects/cm2 at 18nm defect sensitivity by the end of 2010. Although important progress has been made, much work remains to meet these challenging goals.