Design of Asynchronous Motors for Solar-thermal Electric Power Systems

Konferenz: Internationaler ETG-Kongress 2009 - Fachtagung 3: Direktantriebe in Produktionsmaschinen und Industrieanlagen - Generatoren und Antriebe in regenerativen Kraftwerken / Fachtagung 4: Diagnostik elektrischer Betriebsmittel
27.10.2009 - 28.10.2009 in Düsseldorf, Germany

Tagungsband: Internationaler ETG-Kongress 2009

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Drubel, Oliver; Conta, Arndt von; Scheikowski, Volker; Calvo, Eva T. Serna (Siemens AG, Nürnberg, Germany)
Gallego, Ricardo Andrino (Siemens AG, Madrid, Spain)

Awareness of global warming and high prices of fossil fuels are contributing to an increasing demand for renewable energy and in particular of solar-thermal energy. For the movement and compression of fluids, motor-driven centrifugal pumps are required. This work deals with the design of the optimal medium-voltage asynchronous machines to run those pumps. Since the best efficiencies for these devices are achieved at elevated speeds, a thorough comparison between over-critical 2-pole and under-critical 4-pole motors based on their mechanical and electromagnetic characteristics is first given. In addition to an extensive speed range of operation, 4-pole motors result advantageous in terms of reliability, efficiency and costs, which are essential features within thermal power plants. In addition to the case of the machine supplied directly from the mains, the case operated from a converter is evaluated including low voltage (LV) and medium voltage (MV) converter.