Observation-Oriented Design of a Monolithic Piezoelectric Microactuator with Optimally Integrated Sensor

Konferenz: ISR/ROBOTIK 2010 - ISR 2010 (41st International Symposium on Robotics) and ROBOTIK 2010 (6th German Conference on Robotics)
07.06.2010 - 09.06.2010 in Munich, Germany

Tagungsband: ISR/ROBOTIK 2010

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Moussa, Roba El Khoury; Grossard, Mathieu; Boukallel, Mehdi (CEA, LIST, Ambiant Intelligence and Interactive Systems Departement, Fontenay Aux Roses, 92265, France)
Moussa, Roba El Khoury; Chaillet, Nicolas; Hubert, Arnaud (Femto-st Institute, Besançon, France)

This paper presents an evolution in an optimization method, called FlexIn, developed for the optimal design of piezoelectric compliant smart structures. FlexIn is based on a flexible building block method that uses a genetic algorithm approach, to optimize a truss-like planar structure made of piezoelectric passive, active and, with the work reported in this paper, sensitive building blocks. The model of these blocks is established by means of a finite-element electromechanical formulation. The main contribution of this paper is to present a new observation-oriented criterion, along with a static electromechanical one, considered in the optimization procedure for the optimal placement of piezoactuating and piezosensing parts in the compliant micro-structure. In order to underline the interests of such a criterion, performances of three pseudo-optimal piezoelectric smart structures are drawn. Their analysis and comparison illustrate the role of the optimization method and the observation-oriented criterion, in the design of smart structures and in simplifying their control afterwards.