Enrichment of Rare Cells from Whole Blood for Chip-based Analysis

Konferenz: Mikro-Nano-Integration - 3. GMM-Workshop
03.03.2011 - 04.03.2011 in Stuttgart, Deutschland

Tagungsband: Mikro-Nano-Integration

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Roeser, Tina; Schwind, Carmen; Stein, Volkmar; Strobach, Xenia; Drese, Klaus Stefan; Ritzi-Lehnert, Marion (Institut fuer Mikrotechnik Mainz GmbH, Carl-Zeiss-Strasse 18-20, 55129 Mainz, Germany)
Hauch, Sigfried; Fetisch, Jasmin (Adnagen, Ostpassage 7, Langenhagen, Germany)

An automated mixing chamber for magnetic cell separation (MACS) of rare cells from blood is presented. The commonly used method for MACS is very time and labor intensive. The presented automatic mixing chamber performs mixing of several millilitres of blood with magnetic beads, bead attraction, exchange of buffers, and reduction of volume and finally transport of beads/target cells to a subsequent microsystem, thereby saves time, avoids contaminations and enhances reproducibility of results. Several mixer designs were tested regarding the mixing performance. Mixing is finally realised by a paddle wheel mixer which prevents cells and particles from settling while incubated for 1-2 hours and does not affect the vitality of cells. The paddle is assembled into an egg-shaped mixing chamber.