SystemC-AMS-based design of a battery model for single and multi cell applications

Konferenz: PRIME 2012 - 8th Conference on Ph.D. Research in Microelectronics & Electronics
12.06.2012-15.06.2012 in Aachen, Germany

Tagungsband: PRIME 2012

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Unterrieder, Christoph; Huemer, Mario (Institute of Networked and Embedded Systems - Klagenfurt University, 9020 Klagenfurt, Austria)
Marsili, Stefano (Infineon Technologies Austria AG, 9500 Villach, Austria)

Portable battery-powered applications are heavily affected by the growing variety of provided functionalities. As the applications get more and more powerful, optimization of power-management-related issues is of great importance. The reliable knowledge of cell parameters like its state of charge (SoC), state of health (SoH) or its internal impedance is essential for the optimization. Internal cell parameters show significant variations over a battery’s operational lifetime. Especially at the late stage of a battery’s cycle lifetime, parameter changes are of particular interest. To reproduce the battery behavior during a cell’s whole duration of life, dedicated simulation models are required. In this paper, an equivalent-circuit-based battery model is implemented by using the SystemC-AMS hardware description language. This innovative implementation is compared to both, a continuous- and a discrete-time MATLAB/Simulink realization of the considered model. The validation is done with respect to the reached accuracy and the required total simulation time. The presented methodology reduces the total simulation time by at least 18.6% in the considered cases.