Mneme – Telemonitoring zur medizinischen Unterstützung der Behandlung bei Demenzbetroffenen

Konferenz: Lebensqualität im Wandel von Demografie und Technik - 6. Deutscher AAL-Kongress mit Ausstellung
22.01.2013 - 23.01.2013 in Berlin, Deutschland

Tagungsband: Lebensqualität im Wandel von Demografie und Technik

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Wallbaum, Torben; Frenken, Melina; Meyer, Jochen (OFFIS - Institute for Information Technology, Oldenburg, Germany)
Hein, Andreas (OFFIS - Institute for Information Technology and University, Oldenburg, Germany)
Giehoff, Carsten (Corantis-Kliniken GmbH, Vechta, Germany)

This paper presents a system for the evaluation of the physical and mental state of patients suffering from mild to moderate dementia. In addition to the development of a tele-medical monitoring system, a new business model is developed which enables a wide dissemination and a funding concept that supports the patients with financing. The aim of the project is to realize a seamless and cost-effective integration of monitoring at a patients home. Furthernore medical professionals involved in the treatment are enabled to see the monitored data via web-services. The technical realization allows the measurement of parameter like activity, quality of sleep, weight, lean and fat mass as well as total body water.