Automotive transmission systems interoperability – is there a case for application-specific system tests?

Konferenz: AmE 2016 – Automotive meets Electronics - 7. GMM-Fachtagung
01.03.2016 - 02.03.2016 in Dortmund, Deutschland

Tagungsband: GMM-Fb. 85: AmE 2016

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Schwandt, Daniel; Gruener, Stefan; Jung, Bernd (GHMT AG, Bexbach, Germany)

This expert paper explores the possibilities for validating current and future vehicle data transmission systems. It focuses on the latest options for evaluating the interoperability of individual system components and interfaces. To date, the passive transmission channels and active network components used in cars have been validated separately, tested and evaluated in distinct approval procedures. But our experience shows that standards-compliant individual components are no guarantee of a system's functional capability. Consequently, the GHMT AG "GHMT Application integrated System Test" service outlined below presents a new opportunity as regards system component approval: it paves the way for testing and evaluating the interoperable functional efficiency of components at the start of new development, under realistic conditions and taking account of interactions between passive and active network components as well as potential environmental factors.