Making Thermal Grease Obsolete: Fully Isolated Discrete Power Package with High Thermal and Electrical Performance

Konferenz: CIPS 2018 - 10th International Conference on Integrated Power Electronics Systems
20.03.2018 - 22.03.2018 in Stuttgart, Deutschland

Tagungsband: ETG-Fb. 156: CIPS 2018

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Kasztelan, Christian; Basler, Thomas; Schmidt, Matthias; Pedone, Daniel; Fuergut, Edward (Infineon Technologies AG, Am Campeon 1-12, 85579 Neubiberg, Germany)

Infineon Technologies AG introduces the package technology TRENCHSTOP(ExpTM) Advanced Isolation, which targets to replace both fully insulated discrete packages (FullPAKs) as well as standard and high performance isolation foils. By removing the need for external isolation materials and thermal grease, assembly time can be reduced significantly. The thermal resistance Rth,j-h of the new package is up to 50 % lower than with a TO-247 FullPAK and up to 40 % lower than a classical TO-247 with conventional isolation foil. These improvements translate into a better performance such as a 10 °C lower operation temperature and increased efficiency by 0.2 percentage points over standard TO-247 with isolation foil. In addition, the package offers a low coupling capacitance of just 41 pF per TO-247, which results in better EMI performance and potentially smaller filters. The long term package stability within the operating temperatures of -50 °C to 175 °C was proven to be durable.