Finger Pointer Based Human Machine Interaction for Selected Quality Checks of Industrial Work Pieces

Konferenz: ISR 2020 - 52th International Symposium on Robotics
09.12.2020 - 10.12.2020 in online

Tagungsband: ISR 2020

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Braeuer-Burchardt, Christian; Siegmund, Florian; Hoehne, Daniel; Kuehmstedt, Peter (Fraunhofer Institute IOF Jena, Germany)
Notni, Gunther (Fraunhofer Institute IOF Jena, Germany & Technical University Ilmenau, Germany)

Interaction between humans and machines, especially robots becomes more and more important in industrial production and quality managing processes. We developed a demonstrator system for selected quality checks of industrial work pieces using a special kind of human gesture, the finger pointer, for the communication with the robot-guided measurement system. The demonstrator consists of two optical 3D scanners, a six-axis-robot (mounted on a mobile platform) and a master system (PC and the necessary software modules which realises the communication between the components). The interaction between the human and the machine is realized using the so-called interaction sensor, which is one of the optical 3D scanners. The main feature of this scanner is the detection of the position on the surface of a work piece where the humans finger points to. The robust results of the pointer location determination show a good fitting for the application of the demonstrator system for selected quality checks of industrial work pieces.