InteractiveWorkspace Layout focusing on the Reconfiguration with Collaborative Robots in Modular Production Systems

Konferenz: ISR 2020 - 52th International Symposium on Robotics
09.12.2020 - 10.12.2020 in online

Tagungsband: ISR 2020

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Wojtynek, Michael; Wrede, Sebastian (Research Institute for Cognition and Robotics (CoR-Lab), Bielefeld University, Bielefeld, Germany)

Modularity is a well-known concept for enabling flexibility in the assembly of complex machines and products, and collaborative robots are destined for this type of individual, customer-oriented production. However, robot programming in modular production systems and the commission of such workcells is a non-trivial task for the operator. This contribution aims to lower the entry barrier for novice robot users regarding complex assembly scenarios in limited workspaces. For this reason, we present the Interactive Workspace Assistant, a simulation-driven approach for interactive workspace setup that is performed virtually by the operator and transferred in a following process into the real world. A Plug-and-Produce approach supports fast reconfiguration of the robotic workcell, and a component self-description based on AutomationML ensures a quick setup closing the simulation gap. As a central contribution, we introduce a metric for the workspace evaluation following a planning workflow to take the human-in-the-loop for configuration of the robotic workspace. Moreover, we present a case study to examine the functional capabilities of the prototypical implementation of the simulation-based workspace assistant.