Double bounce mechanism and deterministic targets in SAR remote sensing

Konferenz: EUSAR 2021 - 13th European Conference on Synthetic Aperture Radar
29.03.2021 - 01.04.2021 in online

Tagungsband: EUSAR 2021

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Thirion-Lefevre, Laetitia; Guinvarc'h, Regis (SONDRA, CentraleSupelec, University of Paris-Saclay, Plateau du Moulon, France)
Colin-Koeniguer, Elise (ONERA, University of Paris-Saclay, Palaiseau, France)

The Double Bounce scattering mechanism is usually compared to the ideal polarimetric response of a metallic dihedral reflector, for instance in the Pauli basis. This is however only valid for perfect metallic targets, perfectly aligned with the sensor. When rotated, the double bounce mechanism gives both a double bounce electromagnetic response (VV and HH) and a crosspolarization response. This paper focuses on this and illustrates its use.