Ocean wave measurement by the along-track and cross-track interferometric SAR

Konferenz: EUSAR 2021 - 13th European Conference on Synthetic Aperture Radar
29.03.2021 - 01.04.2021 in online

Tagungsband: EUSAR 2021

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Kojima, Shoichiro (National Institute of Information and Communications Technology, Tokyo, Japan)

National institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT) developed the along-track interferometry function on the second-generation X-band air-borne SAR system (Π-SAR X2). The wave height distribution can be estimated from the sea surface velocity measured by the along-track interferometric SAR (AT-InSAR). In addition, the cross-track interferometric SAR (CT-InSAR) signals can be generated by synthesizing the receiving signals measured by the forward and after antennas of the AT-InSAR, and interference fringes on the earth surface can be calculated. In this study, the wave height distribution estimated by the AT-InSAR and CT-InSAR is evaluated by the comparison between the wave height distribution measured by the AT-InSAR and CT-InSAR simultaneously.