Implementation of a Low Power Decimation Filter in a 180 nm HV-CMOS Technology for a Neural Recording Front-End

Konferenz: SMACD / PRIME 2021 - International Conference on SMACD and 16th Conference on PRIME
19.07.2021 - 22.07.2021 in online

Tagungsband: SMACD / PRIME 2021

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Sporer, Markus; Graber, Nicolas; Moll, Steffen; Reich, Stefan; Ortmanns, Maurits (Institute of Microelectronics, University of Ulm, Ulm, Germany)

The design of decimation filters for Δ Σ Converters is a rarely discussed topic though these filters are necessary for deltasigma modulator ADCs. In this work, we present a low-power decimation filter for a neural recording front-end. We show the applied design criteria and compare different filter structures to find the most efficient implementation. The decimation filter has been implemented and simulated in a 180 nm HV-CMOS process. It achieves a low power consumption of 6.4 muW at a supply voltage of 1.2 V. The filter has a 13 bit output running at a sampling rate of 22 kHz and requires an area of 460 µm x 210 µm. The input signal’s SNDR degradation due to the filter is less than 2 dB.