A Cryogenic High-Voltage Amplifier for Ion Traps

Konferenz: SMACD / PRIME 2021 - International Conference on SMACD and 16th Conference on PRIME
19.07.2021 - 22.07.2021 in online

Tagungsband: SMACD / PRIME 2021

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Sieberer, Michael; Sandner, Christoph (Infineon Technologies Austria AG, Villach, Austria)
Hadley, Peter (Institute of Solid State Physics, Graz University, Graz, Austria)

Ion traps for quantum computers need high voltages to confine ions in an electrostatic potential. This work presents a high voltage current-feedback instrumentation amplifier, implemented in 130 nm-CMOS, that is fully functional at temperatures below 20 K and dissipates only 1.5 mW when powered with +-12 V. Since drain-extended MOS transistors cannot be used at cryogenic temperatures, high-voltage compliance is achieved by stacking low-voltage transistors. The high-frequency noise is below 8nV / root Hz to avoid ion heating. Flicker noise and offset is reduced by chopping of the input gain stages.