MEMS for characterization of thermal conductivity in thin films and two-dimensional materials

Konferenz: MikroSystemTechnik Kongress 2021 - Kongress
08.11.2021 - 10.11.2021 in Stuttgart-Ludwigsburg, Deutschland

Tagungsband: MikroSystemTechnik Kongress 2021

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Jiang, Felix; Pachauri, Vivek; Ingebrandt, Sven; Vu, Xuan Thang (Institute of Materials in Electrical Engineering 1, RWTH Aachen University, Aachen, Germany)
Ryu, Meguya (Research Institute for Material and Chemical Measurement, AIST National Metrology Institute of Japan, Tsukuba, Japan & School of Materials and Chemical Technology, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Tokyo, Japan)
Morikawa, Junko (School of Materials and Chemical Technology, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Tokyo, Japan)

In this work, we developed a micro-electro-mechanical system (MEMS) to measure the in-plane thermal conductivity of thin films and two-dimensional (2D) materials. The platform consists of Platinum-based resistive temperature devices (RTDs) arranged in linear and spiral staggered configurations at different distances from a microheater in the center as a heat source. The RTDs are designed in a four-point contact resistance measurement configuration. The microheater and the RTDs are assembled on a silicon nitride (SiN) membrane to minimize the thermal transport perpendicular to the surface. The SiN membrane is created by wet-chemical etching the silicon wafer from the backside using potassium hydroxide. We developed an electronic measurement setup, which currently allows software-controlled calibration and steady-state measurement of the devices. Preliminary results of the measured temperature profile on the membrane with and without a Parylene C layer are presented.