Compressed Sensing Constant Modulus Constrained Projection Matrix Design and High-Resolution DoA Estimation Methods

Konferenz: WSA 2021 - 25th International ITG Workshop on Smart Antennas
10.11.2021 - 12.11.2021 in French Riviera, France

Tagungsband: ITG-Fb. 300: WSA 2021

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Ardah, Khaled; Haardt, Martin (Communications Research Laboratory (CRL), TU Ilmenau, Ilmenau, Germany)

This paper proposes a compressed sensing-based high-resolution direction-of-arrival estimation method called gradient orthogonal matching pursuit (GOMP). It contains two main steps: a sparse coding approximation step using the wellknown OMP method and a sequential iterative refinement step using a newly proposed gradient-descent method. To enhance the recoverability, we further propose an efficient projection matrix design method, which considers the constant modulus constraints imposed by the projection matrix hardware components. Simulation results show the effectiveness of the proposed methods as compared to benchmark algorithms.