A Fast Algorithm for Designing Grassmannian Constellations

Konferenz: WSA 2021 - 25th International ITG Workshop on Smart Antennas
10.11.2021 - 12.11.2021 in French Riviera, France

Tagungsband: ITG-Fb. 300: WSA 2021

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Cuevas, Diego; Santamaria, Ignacio (Dept. of Communications Engineering, University of Cantabria, Spain)
Beltran, Carlos (Dept. of Mathematics, Statistics and Computing, University of Cantabria, Spain)
Tucek, Vit; Peters, Gunnar (Dept. of Wireless Algorithms, Huawei Technologies, Sweden)

In this paper, we propose an algorithm for designing Grassmannian constellations for noncoherent MIMO communications over Rayleigh block fading channels. The new algorithm, named ManOpt, is based on a gradient ascent approach that operates directly on the Grassmann manifold to maximize the minimum pairwise chordal distance of the constellation. We analyze the performance of the algorithm in terms of convergence speed, minimum chordal distance achieved, and symbol error rate (SER), and we compare it with some other Grassmannian constellation designs. Our simulation results suggest that ManOpt constellations have a higher packing efficiency (represented by the minimum chordal distance), which translates into better SER performance, with lower computational complexity than existing algorithms for unstructured constellation designs.