Cu sintering for high power electronics packaging – challenges and solutions

Konferenz: Mikro-Nano-Integration - 9. GMM-Workshop
21.11.2022 - 22.11.2022 in Aachen, Germany

Tagungsband: GMM-Fb. 105: Mikro-Nano-Integration

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Saccon, Rodolfo; Bhogaraju, Sri Krishna; Elger, Gordon (Institute of Innovative Mobility (IIMo), Technische Hochschule Ingolstadt, Germany)

Copper sintering can form interconnection as reliable as silver ones if not better. Oxidation is the source of the challenges in terms of sintering, but a combination of controlled atmosphere and reducing solvents/binders are the focus on the production of a reliable material. Different copper pastes have already been produced and are in the advanced stages of testing. They don’t require a change of the machinery used in the state of the art for sintering and they would be a significantly cheaper option than silver.