Power devices for energy efficiency and carbon emission reduction

Konferenz: Baulemente der Leistungselektronik und ihre Anwendungen 2023 - ETG-Fachtagung
20.06.2023-21.06.2023 in Bad Nauheim, Germany

Tagungsband: ETG-Fb. 171: Bauelemente der Leistungselektronik und ihre Anwendungen 2023

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Lutz, Josef; Basler, Thomas (Technische Universität Chemnitz, Germany)

Power devices are key elements for the future “intelligent electrified society”. Power converters have already contributed to a lot of energy savings by using modern IGBT-based inverters. After most motors in the world are meanwhile controlled by power electronics, we now face the next steps: Use of optimized low-loss IGBTs, SiC devices and GaN devices. These devices offer a significant potential of loss reduction. Applications in electromobility, in solar inverters, in data centers and in energy transmission will be highlighted, each has special challenges. With significant reduced system losses, optimized power devices can make the next large contribution of power electronics to a modern society. Not everything what is hyped as sustainable actually is. Power devices, however, are.