Mission Profile Requirements for Power Electronic Modules and Design Solutions

Konferenz: Baulemente der Leistungselektronik und ihre Anwendungen 2023 - ETG-Fachtagung
20.06.2023-21.06.2023 in Bad Nauheim, Germany

Tagungsband: ETG-Fb. 171: Bauelemente der Leistungselektronik und ihre Anwendungen 2023

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Schilling, Oliver; Methfessel, Torsten; Rusche, Wilhelm (Infineon AG, Warstein, Germany)

After an overview of exemplary mission profiles, the paper explains the general concept of reliability engineering, and provides a review of widely accepted acceleration models for frame-based power semiconductor modules. To exemplify state-of-the-art reliability modelling, two use cases are explored in greater detail: thermomechanical and environmental mission profiles and their impact on lifetime consumption. The authors also briefly present some examples of underlying fatigue modes (physics of failure) for these two stress modes.