Technology of hybrid integration of silicon MEMS and CMOS structures using polymer

Konferenz: Smart Systems Integration 2008 - 2nd European Conference & Exhibition on Integration Issues of Miniaturized Systems - MOMS, MOEMS, ICS and Electronic Components
09.04.2008 - 10.04.2008 in Barcelona, Spain

Tagungsband: Smart Systems Integration 2008

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Janus, P.; Grabiec, P.; Domanski, K.; Kociubinski, A.; Szmigiel, D. (Institute of Electron Technology, al. Lotnikow 32/46, 02-669 Warsaw, Poland)

Design and manufacturing of modern microdevices, containing various sensors/actuators and microelectronic control units require integration of the devices made of various materials and fabricated using various technologies. Integration process is a key issue for MEMS/MOEMS structures as well as integrated heterogeneous systems combining opto-electronic and/or microwave circuits. Nowadays, integration of microdevices can be performed using three methods: - integration during MEMS/CMOS manufacturing steps - final integration of the wafers with MEMS/CMOS components - hybrid version, where integration of the chips with MEMS/CMOS components is performed In this paper we describe a process flow and manufacturing technology of electrical and mechanical integration of various chips in one functional structure using polymer. Proposed construction allows for connecting IC electronics, microsystems, microfluidics and microoptics chips using combined, hybrid polymersilicon technology. Described integration technology requires chip thinning down to 50 µm. Thinning of the chips is performed using combined mechanical and chemical polishing.