Electron beam machining of microsystem products

Konferenz: Smart Systems Integration 2008 - 2nd European Conference & Exhibition on Integration Issues of Miniaturized Systems - MOMS, MOEMS, ICS and Electronic Components
09.04.2008 - 10.04.2008 in Barcelona, Spain

Tagungsband: Smart Systems Integration 2008

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Tanasie, Gheorghe; Böhm, Stefan; Bärtle, Jan; Löwer, Thorsten; Reiter, Andrea; Franzkowiak, Michael; Reinhart, Gunther (NN)

The high integration level of micromechanical parts often requires joining processes in the vicinity of temperature sensitive components. Furthermore, the extremely small joining dimensions of micro components require the application of high precision joining methods. Electron beam (eb) welding is - due to the localised heat input and the narrow weld geometry - well suited for this purpose. During the last years, detailed studies about micromachining processes using an electron beam have been performed on different types of machines, like a scanning electron microscope (SEM) or conventional eb welding machines. A modified SEM typically has a beam power of about 3-4 W. Unfortunately with such a low beam power, it is neither possible to weld using the deep penetration effect, nor to remove a significant amount of material by evaporation. In contrast to such a modified SEM, a conventional eb welding machine with a typical beam power in the range between 1 kW and 100 kW is not suitable, due to the large beam diameter compared to the typical lateral dimensions in micromachining. Satisfactory micromachining capabilities may be achieved with a beam power in the range between 10 W and 500 W. The new eb welding machine closes this power gap for micro-welding equipment.