ProC/B goes OMNeT++: Efficient Simulation of Process Chains

Konferenz: MMB 2008 - 14th GI/ITG Conference - Measurement, Modelling and Evalutation of Computer and Communication Systems
31.03.2008 - 02.04.2008 in Dortmund, Germany

Tagungsband: MMB 2008

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Kriege, Jan; Vastag, Sebastian (Technische Universität Dortmund, Informatik IV, D-44221 Dortmund, Germany)

In recent years model based analysis has become more and more important for the development of business processes, manufacturing systems and logistics networks. The ProC/B-toolset is a framework for the modelling and analysis of logistics networks using the process chain based formalism ProC/B. This paper describes the integration of OMNeT++ into the toolset that allows an efficient simulation of process chain models. ProC/B consists of a graphical editor for model and experiment specification that allows to de ne detailed measures for every FU. Analysis of ProC/B-models is realized by external tools, that are linked to the ProC/B-toolset by transformers: Currently converters to the APNN-toolbox and the simulation tool HIT providing analysis by simulation, Product-form Queueing Network analysis and numerical analysis of GSPNs are available. We have extended the toolset with a converter to OMNeT++ and a library that implements elements from the ProC/B-formalism as OMNeT++ modules recently, thus allowing for simulation of ProC/B-models with OMNeT++. In this paper we will give an overview of model and measurement specification with the ProC/B-editor, the conversion of ProC/B-models to OM-NeT++ and the result visualization in the ProC/B-toolset.