SuperJunction Power Device Evolution: Characteristics Analysis and Performance comparison of MDmesh™ M2 and MDmesh™ M6 technologies

Konferenz: PCIM Europe 2018 - International Exhibition and Conference for Power Electronics, Intelligent Motion, Renewable Energy and Energy Management
05.06.2018 - 07.06.2018 in Nürnberg, Deutschland

Tagungsband: PCIM Europe 2018

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Gaito, Antonino; Leo, Santina; Melito, Maurizio (STMicroelectronics, Stradale Primosole, 50, 95121, Catania, Italy)

Each power application has its own requirements and optimization criteria which are reflected in the available technologies paired with innovative package solutions. It is very difficult, if not even impossible, to fulfill at the same time driving factors like efficiency, power density, EMI, layout parasitic elements, commutation behavior and cost so it is necessary to lead different technologies and solutions. But the advantages of introducing a new technology may not emerge if you do not adopt both circuitry and layout design criteria that take into account the peculiarity of the new devices. Particular attention must be paid when increasing switching speeds because intrinsic differences between capacities and how they interact with parasitic components of the circuit can lead to undesired results. The purpose of the work is to highlight the main characteristic that differentiate the two SJ technologies, as the well-known M2 and the new comer M6, allowing you to choose the one that best fit your application needs.