Submodule Capacitor Reduction for a 1 MVA SiC-Based Modular Multilevel Converter Motor Drive using High Frequency Common-Mode Voltage Injection

Konferenz: PCIM Europe 2019 - International Exhibition and Conference for Power Electronics, Intelligent Motion, Renewable Energy and Energy Management
07.05.2019 - 09.05.2019 in Nürnberg, Deutschland

Tagungsband: PCIM Europe 2019

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Potty, Karun; Al Sabbagh, Muneer; Pan, Jianyu; Ke, Ziwei; Li, He; Na, Risha; Yue, Daniel; Zhang, Julia; Xu, Longya; Wang, Jin (Center for High Performance Power Electronics (CHPPE), Deparment of Electrical and Computer Engineering, The Ohio State University, USA)

This paper describes a strategy to reduce the size of submodule capacitors of a 1 MVA, 0-1 kHz, 7-level modular multilevel converter (MMC) based medium voltage variable speed drive (MVVSD) using 1.7 kV SiC MOSFETs. Hardware designs of submodules to withstand high dv/dt and capacitor selection based on common mode voltage injection have been presented in literature. The issue with injection is the error in tracking of injected circulation current which results in fundamental frequency fluctuations in the submodule capacitor voltage. This paper presents a strategy for higher frequency sinusoidal common mode voltage based on more accurate tracking of the circulating current; realized through an improved control strategy combined with a higher switching frequency. Using the methods presented in this paper, a smaller submodule capacitance and reduced output current THD of the motor drive is achieved. A loss analysis model is proposed to evaluate the effect of the proposed strategy on the MMC efficiency. This helps balance the reduction in the capacitor against the increase in the losses as a result of increased switching frequency. Simulations and a down-scaled experimental setup are used to demonstrate this concept.