Designing the ANPC inverter to increase the starting torque in traction applications

Konferenz: PCIM Europe 2022 - International Exhibition and Conference for Power Electronics, Intelligent Motion, Renewable Energy and Energy Management
10.05.2022 - 12.05.2022 in Nürnberg, Germany


Tagungsband: PCIM Europe 2022

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Haering, Johannes; Bakran, Mark-M. (University of Bayreuth, Department of Mechatronics, Centre of Energy Technology, Germany)
Wondrak, Wolfgang; Hepp, Maximilian (Mercedes-Benz AG, Power Electronics Advanced Engineering, E-Motor Development and Power Electronics, Germany)

High inverter efficiency is one of the main aspects in power electronics to improve electric transportation systems. Higher DC-link voltages of electric vehicles are an instrument to reduce losses and charging time. Therefore, three-level topologies like the ANPC inverter are becoming more suitable since they allow the use of lower voltage semiconductors at high DC-link voltages in combination with other advantages like lower THD and fault tolerance. Nevertheless, the ANPC topology has the disadvantage of unequally distributed semiconductor losses. This holds the potential of different optimisation strategies, which influence the behaviour of the inverter. This paper discusses and analyses the most promising optimisation principles concerning their capability to equalise the loss distribution and to increase the starting torque.