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European Wireless 2022

27th European Wireless Conference 19. – 21.09.2022, Dresden, Germany

2022, XVIII, 156 Seiten, 140 x 124 mm, Slimlinebox, CD-Rom
ISBN 978-3-8007-6001-5, E-Book: ISBN 978-3-8007-6002-2
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European Wireless (EW) is a key venue for European and worldwide researchers to be acquainted with the latest trends in wireless communications and networking. The main theme of EW 2022 is "6G and 5G beyond Communications". This 27th edition of EW (EW 2022) will be held in Dresden, Germany, September 19-21, 2022. Currently, the conference is planned to be in presence, hosting authors' presentations, and allowing for interactions and networking among the participants. Nevertheless, if health and traveling rules and restrictions arise, the hybrid mode will also be considered and set up.

Keeping on the tradition of the previous European Wireless editions, the scope of EW2022 is broad, including, in addition to the subjects of the main conference theme, the most relevant topics in 6G and 5G and beyond communications. The Organizing Committee of EW2022 has prepared a stimulating program including technical presentations, tutorials, invited talks by distinguished keynote speakers.

EW2022 offers one tutorial entitled "Beyond Massive MIMO in 6G communication networks: Cell-Free massive MIMO and Reconfigurable Intelligent surfaces.", given by Giovanni Interdonato and Carmen D'Andrea.
Die Informationstechnische Gesellschaft im VDE (VDE ITG) fördert die Forschung, Entwicklung und Anwendung der Informationstechnik in der Daten- und Kommunikationstechnik, in Produktions- und Kommunikationssystemen, im Umweltschutz, in der Medizin- und Verkehrstechnik.

5G Lab Germany
Das 5G Lab Germany ist ein Zusammenschluss von 24 Professor:innen der TU Dresden,
die mit über 600 Mitarbeitern ganzheitlich 5G und deren Anwendungsgebiete erforschen und weiter entwickeln.

Lightweight Compression for Severely Constrained IoT Devices

Autoren: Vestergaard, Rasmus; Techel, Johannes; Zhang, Qi; Lucani, Daniel E.


Implementation and Experimental Evaluation of Reed-Solomon Identification

Autoren: Ferrara, Roberto; Torres-Figueroa, Luis; Boche, Holger; Deppe, Christian; Labidi, Wafa; Moenich, J. Ullrich; Andrei, Vlad-Costin



Reconfigurable Intelligent Surface and UAV–Assisted THz Mobile Communications

Autoren: Farrag, Sara; Maher, Engy; El-Mahdy, Ahmed; Dressler, Falco


5G NR Support for UAV-Assisted Cellular Communication on Non-Terrestrial Network

Autoren: Borromeo, Justine Cris; Kondepu, Koteswararao; Andriolli, Nicola; Valcarenghi, Luca; Bassoli, Riccardo; Fitzek, Frank H. P.



Federated Learning in UAV-Enhanced Networks: Joint Coverage and Convergence Time Optimization

Autoren: Yahya, Mariam; Maghsudi, Setareh; Stanczak, Slawomir


Optimal Continuous Trajectory Design for UAV-Assisted Reliable Communication Operating with Finite Blocklength Codes

Autoren: Yuan, Xiaopeng; Hu, Yulin; Wen, Xuan; Petrova, Marina; Schmeink, Anke


Transparent Storage Encryption in Kubernetes

Autoren: Gabriel, Jennifer; Ankermann, Silvio; Seidel, Mauri; Fitzek, Frank H.P.


Impact of Softwarization in Microservices-based SDN Controller

Autoren: Scotece, Domenico; Arzo, Sisay Tadesse; Bassoli, Riccardo; Foschini, Luca; Devetsikiotis, Michael; Fitzek, Frank H. P.


Resource Allocation with Stability Constraints of an Edge-cloud controlled AGV

Autoren: Tayade, Shreya; Rost, Peter; Maeder, Andreas; Schotten, Hans D.


Design and Prototyping Distributed CNN Inference Acceleration in Edge Computing

Autoren: Dong, Zhongtian; Li, Nan; Iosifidis, Alexandros; Zhang, Qi


Human Perception Across the Lifespan as the Basis of a Tactile Internet for Everyone

Autoren: Li, Shu-Chen; Muschter, Evelyn; Noll, Andreas; Guelecyuez, Basak; Steinbach, Eckehard; Fitzek, Frank H. P.


Age-Related Differences in Perceptual Vibrotactile Quality Assessment of a Tactile Codec

Autoren: Muschter, Evelyn; Herbst, Leonie; Steinbach, Eckehard; Li, Shu-Chen


Broadband MIMO Testbed for the Development and Research on 6G

Autoren: Nuss, Benjamin; Groeschel, Patrick; Pfau, Johannes; Becker, Juergen; Vossiek, Martin; Zwick, Thomas


GrGym: A Playground for Research on RL/AI Enhanced Wireless Networks

Autoren: Zubow, Anatolij; Roesler, Sascha; Gawlowicz, Piotr; Dressler, Falko



5G InterOPERAbility of Open RAN Components in Large Testbed Ecosystem: Towards 6G Flexibility

Autoren: Hoeschele, Thomas; Kaltenberger, Florian; Grohmann, Andreas Ingo; Tasdemir, Elif; Reisslein, Martin; Fitzek, Frank H.P.


Intelligent Closed-loop RAN Control with xApps in OpenRAN Gym

Autoren: Bonati, Leonardo; Polese, Michele; D’Oro, Salvatore; Basagni, Stefano; Melodia, Tommaso


Digital Simulator of the Human Arteries

Autoren: Torres Gomez, Jorge; Gonzalez Rios, Jorge Luis; Dressler, Falko


Power Allocation Strategy for Joint Communications and Sensing in NOMA-assisted Low-Latency Networks

Autoren: Zhu, Yao; Hu, Yulin; Tong, Wuwan; Caire, Giuseppe; Schmeink, Anke



Comparative Study of Quantum and Classical Error Correction for Future Quantum-6G Networks

Autoren: Das, Siddharth; Bassoli, Riccardo; Ferrara, Roberto; Noetzel, Janis; Deppe, Christian; Fitzek, Frank H. P.; Boche, Holger


Ainur: A Framework for Repeatable End-to-End Wireless Edge Computing Testbed Research

Autoren: Olguin Munoz, Manuel; Mostafavi, Seyed Samie; Moothedath, Vishnu N.; Gross, James


5G QoS Prediction and Application Offloading

Autoren: Marchenko, Nikolaj; Ali-Tolppa, Janne; Ramos Cantor, Oscar Dario; Agostini, Patrick; Pries, Rastin


A Joint Industrial-Network Simulator for Leveraging Automation in 5G Private Networks

Autoren: Lieto, Alessandro; Strzyz, Stanislaw; Agostini, Patrick; Hu, Tianlun