University of Kassel; Hochschule Bonn-Rhein-Sieg; Fraunhofer IEE (Hrsg.)

PESS + PELSS 2022 – Power and Energy Student Summit

Conference Proceedings, 2 – 4 November 2022 in Kassel, Germany

2023, 181 Seiten, 140 x 124 mm, Slimlinebox, CD-Rom
ISBN 978-3-8007-6013-8, E-Book: ISBN 978-3-8007-6014-5
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or the first time, the Power and Energy Student Summit and the Power Electronics Student Summit PESS & PELSS 2022 take place as a joint professional international conference specifically aimed at master and PhD students. The main focus is on the fields of electrical power engineering and power electronics. The conference allows students to gain first experiences in writing, publishing and discussing their own publications in front of a professional audience.
This year’s conference consists of an engaging program with one keynote lecture, 30 paper presentations, networking activities and social interaction. Best paper and presentation awards are evaluated.

The PESS & PELSS 2022 is jointly organized by the department of Energy Management and Power System Operation of the University of Kassel, the Fraunhofer Institute of Energy Economics and Energy System Technology (Fraunhofer IEE), the Professorship for eMobility and electrical Infrastructure of the Hochschule Bonn-Rhein-Sieg University of Applied Sciences and the VDE Young Energy Net. It is supported and sponsored by the IEEE PES Germany Chapter, the IEEE IES/IAS/PELS German Chapter, CIGRE SC6 Germany, CIGRE Next Generation Network VDE ETG, IEEE Power Electronics Society, IEEE Industry Applications Society, IEEE Power & Energy Society, and sponsored by OPAL-RT Germany GmbH, EAM Netz GmbH, Infineon Technologies AG, SMA Solar Technology AG, Egston Power Electronics GmbH and TransnetBW GmbH.
University of Kassel The unique profile of the University of Kassel is made up of the competence fields of nature, technology, culture and society. One research area is on sustainable energy supply systems of the future. This applies to studies, research and teaching, and start-ups, which the university particularly supports.

At Hochschule Bonn-Rhein-Sieg, students can expect a practice-oriented course of study based on current research findings in around 40 degree programs. Research at H-BRS is intensive and hands-on - numerous research institutes cover a wide range of topics from power electronics, detection technologies, genetics, sustainable development, resource conservation, security research or visual computing.

The Fraunhofer IEE in Kassel conducts research for the transformation of energy systems. It develops technical and economic solutions to further reduce the costs of using renewable energies, to secure supply despite volatile generation, to ensure grid stability at a high level and finally to lead the energy transition to economic success. For more than 30 years, the institute, together with the University of Kassel, has been a pioneer with a wide range of innovations in energy system technology.


Controller Parameterization for Grid-Connected Power Converters through Reinforcement Learning

Autoren: Bo, Jiahao; Wei, Ran; Cai, Hui; Schlegel, Steffen; Westermann, Dirk





Grid-forming fuel cell system for a multi-energy-microgrid in islanding operation

Autoren: Gomez Anccas, Edgar Diego; Blanz, Johannes; Schulz, Detlef


Current Limiting of Virtual Synchronous Machines on Unbalanced Faults Considering Grid Protection

Autoren: Liebermann, Carlo; Gnaerig,  Lasse; Weiss, Robin; Hoffmann, Andreas; Zhang, Yinan; Herrmann, Ricardo; Schegner, Peter; Bernet, Steffen


A Generic Data Generation Framework for Short Circuit Detection Training of Neural Networks

Autoren: Wang, Minxiao; Kordowich, Georg; Jaeger, Johann


Simulation of a cross-sectoral Energy System on a Real-Time Computer

Autoren: Duphorn, Tom; Feldhoff, Elisabeth; Schlegel, Steffen; Westermann, Dirk


A Python Test Environment for Multi-Agent Systems in a Large Electrical Distribution Grid Model

Autoren: Loebel, Jonathan; Riebesel, David; Mehlmann, Gert




Design of a PV-Micro Inverter with Universal Three-Phase and Single-Phase Output Configurations

Autoren: Hoffmann, Lennart; Brinker, Tobias; Teichert, Tilo; Zimmermann, Luca; Hanemann, Marie; Manthey, Tobias; Friebe, Jens


On the Modeling of Nonlinear Electrical Conductivity and Field Distribution of Mineral Oil Under HVDC-Load

Autoren: Targitay, Deniz; Roth, Lisa; Zink, Markus H.; Kobus, Maja


Non-invasive alternating and direct flux sensor for power transformers

Autoren: Froehlich, Alexander; Albert, Dennis; Schachinger, Philipp; Renner, Herwig; Poess, Hans-Joachim; Schuerhuber, Robert


Scalable battery cell cascaded H-bridge converter

Autoren: Rothenburger, Max; Hillmer, Hartmut; Scholl, Tobias; Schulze, Gerold; Muyllaert, Koenraad


A study on behavioural changes on high voltage capacitors in power electronics applications

Autoren: Balasundaran, Pranav; Haake, Daniel; Sprunck, Sebastian


Modelling the Influence of Virtual Inertia in Distribution Systems on Frequency Stability

Autoren: Hund, Philipp; Stock, Simon; Babazadeh, Davood; Becker, Christian


Analytical Threat Modeling for Power Systems

Autoren: Toenges, Eric; Loeser, Inga; Haack, Jonas; Braun, Martin


Deep Neural Networks for short-term multivariate solar power predictions from various meteorological forecast data

Autoren: Hoenle, Benedikt; Sommer, Henrik; Gnehr, Wolf-Michael; Bretschneider, Peter


Influence of GIC related Reactive Power Demand on the Austrian Transmission Grid

Autoren: Schachinger, Philipp; Wohlfart, Peter; Albert, Dennis; Renner, Herwig; Achleitner, Georg


Distinction Between ”Destructive” and ”Constructive” Harmonic Currents to the Voltage Quality

Autoren: Malekian Boroujeni, Kia; Safargholi, Farhad; Malekian, Kaveh


EMT-Simulation of Grid-forming Converter with Voltage Angle Control

Autoren: Sanchenkov, Nikolay; Alhomsi, Hassan; Westermann, Dirk


Time Series Data Splitting for Short-Term Load Forecasting

Autoren: Hasanov, Magsud; Wolter, Martin; Glende, Eric


Methods for identifying relevant grid areas for the integration of distribution grid automation systems

Autoren: Sobbe, Patrick; Raczka, Sebastian; Ravisankar, Bharathwajanprabu; Haeger, Ulf; Rehtanz, Christian



Open Electrical Grid Model for Regional Transmission Networks

Autoren: Schmitt, Jan; Gonschor, Derk; Alushi, Alion


Relevance of unbalanced loads in low voltage grids in the context of emerging electromobility

Autoren: Elias, Sebastian; Banerjee, Gourab; Maschke, Hendrik