Cover IEC 62932-2-2:2020

IEC 62932-2-2:2020

Flow battery energy systems for stationary applications - Part 2-2: Safety requirements

Ausgabedatum: 2020-02
Edition: 1.0
Sprache: EN-FR - zweisprachig englisch/französisch
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IEC 62932-2-2:2020 applies to flow battery systems for stationary applications and their installations with a maximum voltage not exceeding 1 500 V DC in compliance with IEC 62932-1. This document defines the requirements and test methods for risk reduction and protection measures against significant hazards relevant to flow battery systems, to persons, property and the environment, or to a combination of them. This document is applicable to stationary flow battery systems intended for indoor and outdoor commercial and industrial use in non-hazardous (unclassified) areas. This document covers significant hazards, hazardous situations and events, with the exception of those associated with natural disaster, relevant to flow battery systems, when they are used as intended and under the conditions foreseen by the manufacturer including reasonably foreseeable misuse thereof. The requirements described in this document are not intended to constrain innovations. When considering fluids, materials, designs or constructions not specifically dealt with in this document, these alternatives are evaluated as to their ability to yield levels of safety equivalent to those specified in this document.