Resistive Switching Behavior of Lateral and Vertical MoS2 Devices

Konferenz: Mikro-Nano-Integration - 8. GMM-Workshop
15.09.2020 - 17.09.2020 in Online

Tagungsband: GMM-Fb. 97: Mikro-Nano-Integration

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Geng, Zhansong; Ziebold, Christian; Thiele, Sebastian; Pezoldt, Joerg; Ziegler, Martin; Schwierz, Frank (Technische Universität Ilmenau, Institut für Mikro- und Nanoelektronik, Ilmenau, Germany)

Recently, memristive devices – for short memristors – have attracted considerable attention in the electronic devices community. These devices are of interest since they possess an inherent memory effect and are able to emulate the function of biological neurons and synapses. In the present paper, we report on the fabrication of lateral and vertical MoS2 memristive devices and present measured current-voltage characteristics of these structures. in our devices, mechanically exfoliated few-layer MoS2 flakes transferred to SiO2/Si substrates are used for the active device region. The lateral MoS2 memristors possess two Ti/Au contacts on top of the MoS2 flakes and the current flows horizontally (in-plane) through the MoS2 layer while the vertical devices have opposed Ti/Au top and bottom contacts between which a perpendicular current flows. The current voltage characteristics of our lateral MoS2 devices show reproducible resistive switching.