Benchmarking SMT Solvers on Automotive Code

Konferenz: MBMV 2021 - 24. Workshop MBMV
18.03.2021 - 19.03.2021 in online

Tagungsband: ITG-Fb. 296: MBMV 2021

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Mentel, Lukas; Scheibler, Karsten; Teige, Tino (BTC Embedded Systems AG, Oldenburg, Germany)
Winterer, Felix; Becker, Bernd (University of Freiburg, Freiburg, Germany)

Using embedded systems in safety-critical environments requires a rigorous testing of the components these systems are composed of. For example, the software running on such a system has to be evaluated regarding its code coverage – in particular, unreachable code fragments have to be avoided according to the ISO 26262 standard. Software model checking allows to detect such dead code automatically. While the recent case study compares several academic software model checkers with the commercial test and verification tool BTC EmbeddedPlatform (Registered Trade Mark) (BTC EP), we want to focus on a lower level – i.e. the back-end solvers within BTC EP. Therefore, we evaluate the performance of off-the-shelf SMT solvers supporting the theory of floating-point as well as the theory of bitvectors on floating-point dominated benchmark instances originating from the automotive domain. Furthermore, we compare these off-the-shelf SMT solvers with the back-end solvers used by BTC EP.