Cover IEC 61189-5-601:2021

IEC 61189-5-601:2021

Test methods for electrical materials, printed boards and other interconnection structures and assemblies - Part 5-601: General test methods for materials and assemblies - Reflow soldering ability test for solder joint, and reflow heat resistance test for printed boards

Ausgabedatum: 2021-02
Edition: 1.0
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IEC 61189-5-601:2021 specifies the reflow soldering ability test method for components mounted on organic rigid printed boards, the reflow heat resistance test method for organic rigid printed boards, and the reflow soldering ability test method for the lands of organic rigid printed boards in applications using solder alloys, which are eutectic or near-eutectic tin-lead (Pb), or lead-free alloys.
The printed boards materials for this organic rigid printed boards are epoxide woven E-glass laminated sheets that are specified in IEC 61249-2 (all parts).
The objective of this document is to ensure the soldering ability of the solder joint and of the lands of the printed boards. In addition, test methods are provided to ensure that the printed boards can resist the heat load to which they are exposed during soldering.