Schulz, Detlef (Hrsg.)

NEIS 2018

Conference on Sustainable Energy Supply and Energy Storage Systems Hamburg, 20 – 21 September 2018

2019, 302 Seiten, Din A4, Broschur
ISBN 978-3-8007-4821-1, E-Book: ISBN 978-3-8007-4822-8
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The ongoing transition of the electrical power system to a more distributed generation structure demands new ideas and solutions for the design of a safe and reliable energy supply.
We call the NEIS event "Conference on Sustainable Energy Supply and Energy Storage Systems". That should express that the future power system design demands a sustainable approach with several contributions and ideas from different application fields.
The NEIS 2018 was the sixth conference event, it provides a yearly occasion for scientists to present their current work. It is organised by the Chair of Electrical Power Systems of the Helmut Schmidt University/University of the Bundeswehr Hamburg. In 2018, the NEIS was technically co-sponsored by the German chapter of the IEEE Power and Energy Society.
Detlef Schulz received the Dipl.-Ing. in 1997 from Technical University Cottbus, Germany. From 1997 to 1999 he was with ABB Industrial Automation in Cottbus. In 2002 he received the Dr.-Ing. degree from the Technical University Berlin, Germany. The venia legendi was finished at the Technical University Berlin in 2006. From 2004 to 2005 he was a Professor for Electrical Engineering and Wind Energy at the University of Applied Sciences in Bremerhaven/Competence Center Wind Energy. Since 2005 he has been a Full Professor and the Head of the Institute of Electrical Power Systems, Helmut Schmidt University, University of the Bundeswehr, Hamburg, Germany. His research areas are electrical power systems and on-board electrical systems: grid integration and grid conformity of distributed generation and electro-mobility, grid impedance measurement, grid protection and internal electrical control of fuel cells. The research is assigned to the DLab – Distributed Energy Laboratory. He is a member of the VDE ETG and IEEE PES and a Full Member of the Academy of Sciences and Humanities in Hamburg. Since 2005 he is a member and since 2017 a senior member of IEEE. Since 2013 he is CEO of the Board of the Research Association Wind Energy and other Distributed Energies – FGW.

Corrective Control: Stability Analysis of Unified Controller Combining Frequency Control and Congestion Management

Autoren: Khamisov, O. O.; Chernova, T. S.; Bialek, J. W.; Low, S. H.


Dynamic and Operational Challenges in future Power Systems

Autoren: Ndreko, Mario; Petino, Cora; Winter, Wilhelm



Power Re-Dispatch Reduction with Nodal Voltage Angle Control in Storage Power Plants

Autoren: Weber, Harald; Ahmed, Nayeemuddin; Baskar, Preethi




Active Power Planning for Embedded HVDC-Systems – Objectives and Solvers

Autoren: Linke, Franz; Sass, Florian; Sennewald, Tom; Glende, Eric; Klabunde, Christian; Bhalodi, Kalpesh; Biagini, Veronica; Giuntoli, Marco; Wolter, Martin; Westermann, Dirk


Identification of Relevant Fault Types for Grid Planning of DC Distribution Grids

Autoren: Bleilevens, Raphael; Priebe, Jens; Wehbring, Niklas; Moser, Albert


Analysis of Temporary Overvoltages in AC-grids

Autoren: Schork, Franz; Brocke, Ralph; Rock, Michael


Renewable, Cellular Energy Clusters Providing Ancillary Services

Autoren: Pieper, Christoph; Hess, Tobias; Henoch, Jasmin


Experimental Short-Circuit Testing of Grid-Forming Inverters in Microgrid and Interconnected Mode

Autoren: Duckwitz, D.; Knobloch, A.; Welck, F.; Becker, T.; Gloeckler, C.; Buelo, T.



Methodology for the Evaluation of Existing Black Start Units and Optimization for Future Locations

Autoren: Birkelbach, J.; Woiton, H.; Thiele, M.; Westermann, Dirk


Impedance Frequency Modelling based on Grid Data for the Prediction of Harmonic Voltages

Autoren: Kaatz, Gesa; Meyer, Marc Florian; Grumm, Florian; Schulz, Detlef; Safargholi, Farhad; Hoven, Max; Adloff, Stephan




Reactive Power Management of Distributed Generators for Selective Voltage Optimization in 110-kV-Subtransmission Grids

Autoren: Kreutziger, Marcus; Schegner, Peter; Wende-von-Berg, Sebastian; Braun, Martin; Bornhorst, Nils




Lithium-Ion Battery Storage Design for Buffering Fast Charging Stations for Battery Electric Vehicles and Electric Buses

Autoren: Kucevic, Daniel; Truong, Cong Nam; Jossen, Andreas; Hesse, Holger C.



Distributed State Estimation in Digitized Low-Voltage Networks

Autoren: Werner, Thomas; Froehner, Wiebke; Duckheim, Mathias; Most, Dieter; Einfalt, Alfred


Coil-Capacitor as a Basis for Creating Efficient Devices for Distribution Power Networks

Autoren: Butyrin, Paul A.; Gusev, Gennady G.; Mikheev, Dmitry V.; Shakirzianov, Felix N.



Superordinate Control for Increasing Feed-in Capacity and Improving Power Quality in Low Voltage Distribution Grids

Autoren: Maucher, Bastian; Meyer, Markus; Hitzelberger, Kaspar; Witzmann, Rolf


Integration of Smart Grid Control Strategies in the Green Phase of the Distribution Grid Traffic Light Concept

Autoren: Pack, Sven; Kotthaus, Kevin; Hermanns, Jessica; Paulat, Frederik; Meese, Jan; Zdrallek, Markus; Braje, Torben



Optimized operation of energy storages for primary control reserve

Autoren: Balischewski, S.; Wenge, C.; Komarnicki, P.; Wolter, M.


Simulating the Impact of E-Mobility Charging Infrastructure on Urban Low-Voltage Networks

Autoren: Echternacht, David; Haouati, Ilias El; Schermuly, Rainer; Meyer, Florian


Huntorf 2020 – Improvement of Flexibility and Efficiency of a Compressed Air Energy Storage Plant based on Synthetic Hydrogen

Autoren: Fries, Ann-Kathrin; Kaiser, Friederike; Beck, Hans-Peter; Weber, Roman


Mitigation of Voltage Sags and Swells by the Faraday Exchanger

Autoren: Gunda, Jagadeesh; Buchanan, Rod; Williams, Matthew; Scobie, Andrew


Impact of Different Charging Strategies on the Grid Expansion Needs of Distribution Grids

Autoren: Loehr, Lukas; Kellermann, Jan; Sprey, Jens D.; Moser, Albert



Specific Grid Charges for Controllable Loads in Smart Grids – A Proposal for a Reform of the Grid Charges in Germany

Autoren: Zapf, Martin; Weindl, Christian; Pengg, Hermann; German, Reinhard


Load Profile Analysis on Public Charging Stations in the City of Hamburg

Autoren: Rusch, D.; Haupt, H.; Deters, S.; Wehrend, H.


Power System Benchmark Generation Methodology

Autoren: Meinecke, Steffen; Bornhorst, Nils; Braun, Martin


Grid Supported Charging Management with Uncertainty Analysis

Autoren: Pronobis, Olga; Kurrat, Michael


Investigation for a Secure and Cost-efficient Connection of Substations to the Public Network

Autoren: Kueppers, Fabian; Reichstein, Markus; Hoffmann, Stefan; Bumiller, Gerd


Impact of E-Mobility in different Low-Voltage Grids in 2030

Autoren: Celan, Stefanie; Guenzel, Vincent; Engel, Bernd


Synthetic Load Profiles of Various Customer Types for Smart Grid Simulations

Autoren: Wiest, Pascal; Contreras, Daniel; Gross, Daniel; Rudion, Krzysztof


Hybrids-Simulation Using eMEGASIM and ePHASORSIM for Converter Dominated Distribution Grid

Autoren: Jiang, T.; Song, X.; Schlegel, S.; Westermann, Dirk


Investigation of Technologies and Parameters Influencing the Short-Circuit Current Level of Low-Voltage Distribution Networks

Autoren: Grumm, Florian; Plenz, Maik; Meyer, Marc Florian; Schulz, Detlef; Lehmann, Kathrin