Rubrik: Kältetechnik

Willenbockel, Dirk

CoolingBasics Check-up

2016, 53 Seiten, 150 x 60 mm, Wissensfächer
ISBN 978-3-8007-4183-0
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Inhaltsverzeichnis Leseprobe

• The handy knowledge repository
• Formulas to calculate
• refrigeration systems
• Electrotechnology
• Graphical symbols for piping and instrumentation diagrams
• Formula symbols and SI units of the physical parameters
• Current European standards and regulations
• Automatic control engineering
After studying electrical engineering Dipl.-Ing. Dirk Willenbockel worked first as a project engineer at Hebeke Kältetechnik and later in sales of a Hamburg bases specialised wholesale. He then changed to the Norddeutsche Kälte-Fachschule, where he taught master craftmen and technicians for mechatronics of cooling technology. Dirk Willenbockel now leads as technical manager at Didaktik 24-7, Wedel, trainings in the subjects of technical building equipment.